The Price of Addiction and Why We Need Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab

This is a new world we all live in. Battles around the globe consume the news leaving out a private battle that millions of people fight daily. This private battle has ever lasting effects on individuals, families, and friends. The disease of addiction, either directly or indirectly, touches millions of lives daily contributing to more

My Story – The Abuse, the Pain, the Recovery, the Victory

This is my article, for anyone who is trying to credit, live my life in my shoes for a day. As I’m sitting on my computer, typing with the one good hand that I have right now, I’m compelled to tell my story of how drug abuse destroyed my life. Before God stopped me, I

Drug Abuse and Importance of Testing in Teens

According to Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey conducted during 2008, in America nearly 47% of the teens tasted an illicit drug by the time they complete their high school education. As drug abuse is widespread and the students are more sensitive, many schools adopt drug-testing programs to detect drug abuse, to determine student drug abusers,